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Our site is designed to help those that have their own blog, profile page, or web site to include both music video codes and lyrics for their favorite Music videos.

We also include links to find out more about bands you like and even buy posters and cds at discounted prices. This site is very simple to use, follow the instructions below and you will be adding customized codes to your pages in a matter of minutes!

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Top 40 Videos

Miss You by Aaliyah
I'm 'N Luv Wit A Stripper (Remix) by T-Pain
More Than A Woman by Aaliyah
U Can't Shine Like Me by Lil' Romeo
Im Bossy by Kelis
Ever Blazin' by Sean Paul
Say Goodbye by Chris Brown
Walk It Out by DJ Unk
Hung Up (Live Germany) by Madonna
Say Goodbye (2) by Chris Brown
Run It by Chris Brown
Sexy Love by Ne-Yo
Give It Up To Me (2) by Sean Paul
Beep (Live) by Pussycat Dolls
Never Gonna Be The Same by Sean Paul
Try Again by Aaliyah
Beautiful Liar by Beyonce
Don't Matter by Akon
Say It Right by Nelly Furtado
I Wanna Love You by Akon
Ain't It Funny by Jennifer Lopez
Glamorous by Fergie
2 Step by Unk
Pop, Lock And Drop It by Baby Huey
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Outta My System by Bow Wow
Like A Boy by Ciara
This Is Why I'm Hot by Mims
Upgrade U by Beyonce
Last Night (Ft. Keyshia Cole) by P. Diddy
Runaway Love (Ft. Mary J. Blige) by Ludacris
Ain't It Funny (Remix) by Jennifer Lopez
Can't Shine Like Me by Lil' Romeo
Smack That (2) by Akon
Blindfold Me by Kelis
I'm 'N Luv Wit A Stripper by T-Pain
Make It Rain (Remix) by Fat Joe
Run It (Live) by Chris Brown
Bossy (2) by Kelis
Leather So Soft by Birdman & Lil Wayne

How To Use Our Site!

1. Our site uses Javascript and Cookies to remember your settings. This allows you to jump from one menu to the next and it will remember the current artist and song you are looking at.

So for example if you look at the Video & Codes menu and select a video, then click Lyrics, it will remember that you were just looking at that song and display the lyrics for it. Then click Music CDs and it will display CDs by that artist, same with Posters & Band Links.

2. Generate Codes - We offer options that no other code site allows you to do. Customize the look and feel of your video and lyrics codes. When you click the Generate Codes button, you will be given the default html codes to use, but you are also given options to change these to better match the layout of your web page.

3. Add To PlayList - Most video codes only play 1 video. Here you can create video codes to play a list of videos, one right after the other, Become your own VJ. Just browse the videos and click the Add To PlayList button. This will add the current video to your list. Then when you are ready, click the PlayList link above and it will give you the same options as before but now with a list of videos!

Follow these steps and you should have no troubles at all using our site. If you do have any problems or would just like to contact us, you may do so here Contact Us

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